Friday, July 19, 2013



  Hi everyone! I came back! And I want to share with you my very sweet sim Candy. I hope you like this!



Selected only everyday clothes. Another clothes randomly selected by game.

Additional materials (not included in the file sharing):
Slider Hack by #awt (under your version of the game)
Facial sliders by Bella3lek4
GEOM Slider Set: "Nose Septum" by #awt
Slider "Nostril Rotate" by #awt
New Nose Slider by YS3Studio
Facial sliders by #awt
Chin sliders by ChatGoSplat
Sliders for lips by Jasumi
Sliders for lips by Hermi
Sliders for CAS by jonha

Eskin-MIX by Ephemera
Eyelash Disign Set#1 (female) by S-club
Lipstick from "New Year" - Makeup Set by Elexis
Lenses NS by Ephemera
Eyebrows from collection of eyebrows by Ephemera

Other additional materials included in the file sharing. If you want you may ask me about its.

You must have: Late Night, Generations, Pets, Showtime, Supernatural, Seasons, University Life.
Game version: 1.50
Format: sims3pack (7.5 MB)


  1. Hi :) Pretty sim! Do you mind telling me where you got the eyeshadow & eyeliner?

    1. It included in file sims3pack with sim.

  2. Which hair have you used? :)


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